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Our Annual Signature Programmes

Book Crossing Festival

‘Book Crossing Festival’ is an annual signature event organised by Youth Square. Organised over ten years of the festival since 2011, it has been providing a reading platform to enhance cultural exchange and foster reading habits among youth. During the festival, participants can exchange books by adopting ‘place one, pick one’ approach. Public who do not have books to share are welcome to enjoy reading in the festival. Workshops are also available in the festival which allow public to join freely.







Garden of the Artisans Festival

Organised by Youth Square, Garden of the Artisans Festival (“GOA Festival”) aims to create a platform for artists to showcase their art works and interact with the public. The GOA Festival invited artists from all over the world to curate their own art exhibitions at guest rooms in Y Loft, for exhibiting their art pieces and interacting with visitors. In addition, workshops and music performances are available for public participation to enrich the GOA Festival.







Street Culture Festival

Youth Square and TWGHs Tuen Mun Integrated Services Centre co-organise ‘Street Culture Festival’ every year, providing a series of workshops and dance competition opportunities to youth for free. Instructed by street culture arts professionals, workshops will offer the youth a range of basic knowledge and skills in different aspects of street culture such as street dance, rapping and graffiti, to promote street culture and enable mutual learning among youth.







Dunhuang Youth Internship Programme

The ‘Dunhuang Youth Internship Programme’ is organised by the Home Affairs Bureau and Youth Square and fully supported by Dunhuang Academy since 2018. The programme delved into areas such as Dunhuang's humanities, geography, specific subjects and creative project to promote Dunhuang. Instructed by professional tour guides in Dunhuang, students were able to explore Dunhuang and understand the conservation work, and became tour guides in caves for tourists through on-the-job training.







Our Youth

“I started to notice Youth Square’s activities as I live nearby in the district. I joined Youth Vocal as I found it quite interesting. After joining the activities in Youth Square, I realized co-operation with others is essential when working as a group, I also learnt that only by putting efforts, good results will yield. I am most proud of participating in an annual dinner’s performance that I was able to stand on the same stage where Mr Andy Hui and FAMA performed too.” said Hero Tang, a member of Youth Vocal.

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Ms Agnes Sung, a final year student who was chosen as a Dunhuang Art and Cultural Ambassador among thousands of applicants in Youth Square ‘Dunhuang Youth Internship Programme 2019’ to exchange and learn Dunhuang culture in Dunhuang. Agnes recalled the programme a valuable experience that it not only allowed her to know more about Mogao Caves, and share caves stories with tourists, it also increased her strong interest in Buddhist art. “You can only become truly accomplished when trying hard to do something you love! With sheer will and determination, you can become the person who you aspire to be.” “Participating in Youth Square ‘Dunhuang Youth Internship Programme’ is free of charge, you can also have some spare time for sightseeing! The programme not only attracts youth to know more about Chinese culture, it also enables students to acquire knowledge through entertainment, it should not be missed! ” she said.



Ms Jessica Sze is currently a university student studying in Japan who is also a member of AnotherJASON, a Japanese cosplay dance group. She has participated J-Pop related activities in Youth Square, she said, “I heard of Youth Square since I participated in J-Pop Cover Dance related activity there. Afterwards, I participated a few activities with my peers in Youth Square. There are Y Studio and Y Theatre in Youth Square, the two venues of different scales where give the flexibility of performance. Besides, Youth Square is conveniently located next to MTR station, hostel accommodation is also convenient for performers to have rehearsal in the morning. Through participation in Youth Square’s activities, not only did I gain co-organising stage performance experience, my confidence was also boosted. With very few performing venues in Hong Kong, it is truly good that Youth Square can constantly provide quality venues for youth performances.”

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Mr Terry Chan, who was selected as ‘Dance Ambassador in ‘Youth Square ‘Dancing Fest 2014’. He received scholarship and spent that summer with Noah, a renowned dance teacher, in Seoul, Korea to master his dance skill. During the dance workshop in Korea, Terry experienced the local dance culture and exchanged dance skills, he then determined to become a full-time dancer afterwards. “Dance is my life, I always want to dance!” Terry said. He also thanks to Youth Square who explored his enthusiasm in dance. To give back to the community, he wants to pass on his knowledge and experience now to the next generation.